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Sep 16,  · A new release is available today for the Groove app on Windows Check the Store! This release (version ) includes the following: On desktop: Minor fixes and improvements. On mobile: Check out the new app intro for first launch. It highlights key features while we assemble your music collection in the background. Nov 18,  · A useful helper for all users who want to manage their music collection. Microsoft’s most popular music application, Groove Music, which was formerly known as Xbox Music, is delivering its users, all the content they want when it comes to songs, albums, and artists. Groove Music is designed to serve as a music player and a content manager. Dec 21,  · Groove Video Player For Windows In Recap. The Groove item collection is offered as a solitary package under one system. It consists of the most essential tools and applications for scaling and growing any kind of online organization. Not just do you get access to first-rate software application, but you can also find out new abilities by.

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Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. Hello, Welcome to the Microsoft Community. I would suggest follow the below methods and check if it helps.

Method 2: Perform SFC scan and check. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. In reply to A. User’s post on July 31, I have done all those things and it still does not work.

Sent the relevant logs to microsoft. Though I’m not against circle photos on Artist, I really hate that it still use freaking big circular photo on the Artist page together with no Biography, Related Artist and other features that we used to have.

Groove Music is a modest streaming services. Remove the streaming services and it seems it just a basic music player without good looks and forgettable. One thing I missed that was added to Groove fairly recently was the ability to edit album information including Album Art. I am not sure what the big deal is about Zune I felt that the design looked really nice but it didn’t feel very intuitive or feature rich to me But I am from India I find Groove a hell of a lot easier to use both on pc and phone I’d agree about Groove but I found iTunes to be very slow and bloated, Zune was very fast in comparison.

Streaming has made music so much more complicated Not only do we have to pay for a music pass, but we also have to pay for larger data plans No thanks!

Soluttion: Don’t use music streaming services and play local files. I don’t use any music streaming service and I don’t complain. You would think, wouldnt you? This is what happens when people only believe what they are told and dont think for themselves I Feel sorry for those on limited data plans.

You can typically save playlists for offline use which avoids having to pay for data. And there really is nothing line access to every song ever. You can download the songs on your phone or you can upload your files onto onedrive to stream or download the files for offline use. Yes, this is a streaming service, but it is not a pure streaming service, it is a music pass that allows you to stream or play the songs on the catalog offline. It is your choice, if you can’t figure it out how to use it, then that is your issue.

Get on wifi and dl the songs and you wont have to use data everytime you use it while not in wifi zone. A legitimate concern, but nothing is being forced. In fact, we are given options. There is an occasional license check but it isn’t a nightmare. If you have constant access to WiFi, however, this is a God send.

You have your library on in the cloud and play whatever wherever however much you want. I was also hoping that since its a music service that they would launch Groove on all mobiles same day as windows Which means that there is no music eco-system from day one untill WM10 is released i guess. We’ll see There really is no need to have an app to sync anymore. Put your music in OneDrive and manage it there.

Yeah, because putting my GB of music on Onedrive is so convenient. It’s even more convenient when I turn on the online music collection on my phone and it shows every song I’ve ever downloaded over the past 9 years with my music pass over The best part is where it will actually remove songs from my local memory on my phone when it decides to update my correct offline playlists with the broken nonsense it thinks they should be online, because it never correctly syncs a playlist to the cloud.

You’re right, why would I want local, easy to use syncing when I have all of that? I really am not a fan of the new name : but question.

As in I can only listen to it though Microsoft services. If I’m not mistaken this works a bit like iTunes where you can go find the files and move them off. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to. The file is yours to keep. Purchased tracks are high bit rate MP3 files. You can listen it elsewhere! The phone companion app will. I don’t mind the name. Yeah, it was an odd name, but it was unique! I loved the functionality of the Zune app aswell. Easy syncing galore, hearts for what you wanted or didn’t want.

It was great. Anyone having any luck syncing music to their phones? Companion app doesn’t do it, can’t drag and drop because of DRM Thanks Microsoft , and the desktop app constantly “forgets” what music I have synced to my phone and ends up deleting the rest of my library when syncing new tunes. As a workaround, I save all my phone music into a playlist before syncing, just in case, so I can redownload from the cloud, but this is annoying and unless the app is open all the time, it’s usually a week or two before all my music is back on the phone.

Syncing devices has been a thorn in my side ever since they dropped the Zune desktop app. I love the Groove Music app, really do. Just wish Syncing was wayyyyyyyyy easier than it is now. I use to love the simplicity. Now I get anxiety anytime I have to deal with the Desktop App.

Microsoft, halp? You have to sync playlists with Windows Media player, no errors. Your songs no longer disappear, and it’s honestly freaking easier than every other current option. MS led the way with wifi playlist, and podcast sync. Now Ios does it, and probably Android but we can’t anymore Sometimes you have to step back to go forward, but hell, we still haven’t started moving forward on the music apps yet.

Just keep changing themes basically. WMP doesn’t work with music pass songs though, so it’s useless if you have one. I used to love changing up the music on my phone with Zune, it was so easy.

I almost never want to now because it’s such a huge hassle. I sync mainly playlists and that’s pretty much only possible now with the desktop phone app, which still messes up. Online syncing is a no go even if I wanted to deal with the extra step of uploading songs to the cloud because the software is apparently incapable of correctly uploading a playlist.

They are always missing songs and often have songs replaced with others that have a similar name from the catalogue. It’s really frustrating. That’s pretty optimistic. Groove Music has the same quirks and missing features than its predecessor. It is the same app.

Microsoft actually never changed the executable file name. There is, as of today, no additional sign that Microsoft is serious about their music ecosystem. They never were. It does not yet seems they will. I beg to differ, Groove on phone is miles better than Xbox Music app and while the desktop apps are similar, Groove does have a more user friendly interface and works nearly the same way as the Zune software Don’t waste your time Xbox Music was a bad service with a terrible app.

Now, as Groove Music, it’s the same service with a better app. To be true Groove has its strong points like onedrive integration and a good cloud collection management, but that’s it. It lacks too much to be taking serious by anyone. There’s no curated playlists, any kind of recommendation service or social integration. MixRadio was way better than Groove. Seriously, I’m not trying to offend anyone. I use Rhapsody, the granddaddy of all these services.

And I agree. These days, MS simply does not know how to make good software. Every single thing they release is half assed. Windows 10 most notably included. Rhapsody was great 10 years ago and still is.

It doesn’t seem to get the love it deserves that Pandora and Spotify get. Although it does lack the local and SkyDrive integration. But you don’t really need it either with a subscription service. Media info sounds great! I need album art for all my music :D. I’ve read that gapless playback is still coming soon.

What exactly goes into making this function? It just feels like it’s been “coming soon” for a while now. It is likely a framework, as in WinRT, issue. There have been so many asks for this, that if it was straight-forward, it would have been done already. I have always found the 8. I don’t see how this is so difficult to implement; iTunes and even the open source Rockbox player have had gapless playback for ages.

Even Zune did as well. Gotcha, makes sense. I’m doing okay without it, but it sure would be nice to have. I find myself lately using my CDs when possible to avoid the break in my mixes. Hope it gets addressed sooner than later. The playlist should have more customization options, like recently added, ratings etc Hope to see that in a future update.

I don’t have that “radio” option on my Groove Music menu??!! I do, might be region restricted. To clarify, streaming AND download for offline. I wish they would add picking up where you left off when you are listening to a playlist. I was thinking the same the other day. I just want the ability to make a radio station like Pandora does it.

I choose one artist, and then add other variety in to the mix. So I can listen to hard rock followed by Beethoven. Still not reading my music pass on windows 10 mobile :’. Same here. Credential management seems a bit buggy throughout Windows 10 mobile.

Lots of web redirects to log in when my account on the phone should be supplying credentials for all of my MS services. Buggy on 8. What if i want to play by genre? That seems to be missing now.

It’s Microsoft, their apps and services are always unreliable. Then use the feedback app and request it. Why would you want to saddle a universal app with functionality that can only exist on a PC? Besides, there are plenty of great rippers, better than Zune ever was, available for little or no cost.

Additionally, adding encoders to the app would cost money, as in licensing costs for the codecs. These costs would have to be offset somewhere. Lastly, with more and more computers not including optical drives, sadly it’s a dying segment. Why not give the option to those on a PC and hide it on mobile?

Isn’t that the point of a truly universal app? I would love to be able to export my Groove Music playlist purchased songs of course to a CD. You just gave a great argument as to why Universal Apps are doomed. They will always cater to the lowest common denominator. A better question would be, what kind of PC music application wouldn’t be able to rip a CD!?!?

What year are you from? They still sell cds?? Or I just am not looking. CD is digital, smartie. E, etc. Ask your mommy and daddy to take you to one sometime i. They are all digital too by the way, and can’t be accidentally deleted. Some people like having a hard copy. You still rip CDs, that’s so 90s!!! It should be the same feature set in this context. I think it is credential management problems in Windows 10 mobile, not the app itself.

I see other problems that require logging in to do things, even though my account is the core account on the phone. I need Windows 10 to be available on my phone already. Will the automatically retrieve media info bit completely butcher my albums like it did in Windows 8. This issue was fixed as part of the move to OneDrive streaming.

Of course provided your metadata is clean. Clean as in right, or clean as in empty? Possibly but Groove now allows you to edit album info and artwork. Thank you for this article! Can someone tell me if the current Xbox Music on Windows 8. Hope yes! How is this possible? I’m a big fan of Microsoft, but this very very disappointing! Apple has done this years ago with iTunes They changed the name, what more do you want? I expected the Windows 10 version of this app whatever the name had solved these problems Yes, multi-disc issues have been resolved.

I have plenty of multi-disc albums. They use to be all over the place in early Xbox Music releases, and then the issues went away.

Using correct ID3 tags is part of the solution. Also, alot of the issues were prior to the implementation of OneDrive streaming, when they were doing the Cloud Matching and Cloud Collection where they tried to match albums you have locally with what is in the catalog.

This led to issues where in the catalog it was songs , but locally it’s two sets of Anyway, glad those issues no longer exist. Windows Media Player is still a far better solution.

As for modifying metadata on songs etc, instead of using iTunes which is a pain, allow me to recommend you mp3tag. It’s free and I’ve found it do be way more useful than iTunes.

You can get it at mp3tag dot de ;. I think iTunes is a very good program to manage your music. It keeps everything inside and out pretty organized.

I wouldn’t stop using it if I were. At least not anytime soon. What about W10 mobile version? I wish they hadn’t removed free streaming from xbox music without music pass. It was really nice. Is groove going to windows mobile It’s a universal app. So, yeah. It’s already there :. So they upped the devices to five, nice. It was four as xbox music.

Sadly my limit is still I feel like you already wrote this article. In Windows 10 Groove your music will only show up if you sync your Music folder setting in OneDrive app locally. My music collection on OneDrive is quite big, so i didn’t want to sync it locally and excluded the folder in OneDrive app and as a result of that, my music wasn’t available anymore in Groove Music.

Very, very annoying and i’ll hope MS will fix that as soon as possible. Since 6 months they “concentrate” on making this app. And all they will deliver has only feature parity with the old W8 app. Even gapless is still missing, which seems to be an OS wide problem despite Spotify managing to circumvent it , still not fixed, which is just bad customer service. And still no unbranded basic media player. Where is the team that developed Windows Media Player?

A show pathetic beyond belief! I’m also a last. Hopefully now that Windows is a service, the Groove team can add these features in the future. I chose Spotify over Xbox Music mainly because it has Last. I have a few questions not covered in the article. Is this an all new app, or just an updated version of the awful Xbox Music app?

Does it handle multi-disc albums the way it should disc 1 in its entirety, then disc How about gapless audio playback? I asked the same question a few minutes ago, and the answer looks very disappointing. Updated This year. Shazam 0. Spotify 1. TuneIn Radio 4. Ok We use our own and third-party cookies for advertising, session, analytic, and social network purposes. Windows evolved to 8. Among them, one of the more popular apps, Groove Music , formerly known as Xbox Music, is trying to deliver its users all the content they need when it comes to songs, albums and performing artists.

The interactive app aims to serve as both a music player and a content manager, combining both in an attractive interface. Groove Music can collect automatically all the tracks stored in the default Music folders, and it allows you to specify custom locations as well. The player is intuitive and, no matter the section you are browsing, it doesn’t disappear from the lower side of the interface.


Groove player windows 10. Play music in the Groove app on Windows 10


Groove Music can collect automatically all the tracks stored in the default Music folders, and it allows you to specify custom locations as well. The player is intuitive and, no matter the section you are browsing, it doesn’t disappear from the lower side of the interface.

As such, you can always get a glimpse at the song name, pause it, jump to the next or the previous track, activate shuffling or playlist repeat, and control the volume. The software comes with support for playlists, including those generated in iTunes, so if you want to add your music this way, simply use the ‘Import playlists’ function.

Just as well you can save the currently playing tunes into a new list and have it displayed in the left pane for quick access. Organizing your music collection requires nothing more than you adding the music in the playlists.

Groove Music automatically extracts information regarding albums, artists, and song names, placing the titles in the designated areas. With a few of the old features of Xbox Music gone and new features in the spotlight, Groove Music is, on the whole, a good music player with simple playback control, and a reliable audio collection manager.

Nevertheless, the rather limited set of features it carries makes it more suitable for basic tasks. Groove Music. Review Free Download specifications changelog report malware.

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