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Episode “MAID FOR A DAY”: “HAZEL” purposely wears Deirdre out, while coaching her on how to “Act like a Maid”, after she is cast as a Maid in a Charity Play. MY FAVORITE EPISODES IN THIS SEASON ARE: EPISODE POT LUCK A LA MODE EPISODE PICCOLO MONDO EPISODE HAZEL AND THE HALFBACK EPISODE HAZEL AND THE MODEL T/5(). Watch Hazel – Season 2, Episode 28 – Hazel Sounds Her “A”: The local symphony orchestra gets a new conductor who fires a violinist Hazel knows. Hazel wants the orchestra to rehire /10(10). Watch Hazel – Season 5, Episode 28 – A Little Bit of Genius: Jeff, one of Harold’s friends, is put in a class for exceptional students. This makes Harold feel bad. So he mopes aroun.


: Hazel: Season 3: Shirley Booth, William D. Russell: Movies & TV.Hazel (TV series) – Wikipedia


Stage and screen star Shirley Booth cleaned up with two Emmys for the title role of a busybody maid, based on the ‘Saturday Evening Post’ cartoons by Ted Key. Hazel may have officially been the Baxters’ housekeeper, but she ran that house much more adeptly than the often-flummoxed George ran his successful law career.

Thu, Sep 19, 30 mins. George tries keeping Hazel away from his eccentric client. Griffin: Howard Smith. Sudley: Philip Ober. Thu, Sep 26, 30 mins.

Hazel helps George’s cousin increase her self-confidence. Grace: Linda Watkins. Barney: Robert B. Mickey: Herb Vigran. Smitty: Jack Bernardi. Thu, Oct 3, 30 mins. Hazel jumps to conclusions when she spots George with a pretty woman. Shirley Booth, Don DeFore. Spencer: Gene Blakely. Phyllis: Bek Nelson. Thu, Oct 10, 30 mins. George tries disposing of an old deskuntil learning it may have been Abraham Lincoln’s.

Hazel: Shirley Booth. Baxter: Louise Lorimer. Minnie: Ellen Corby. Thu, Oct 17, 30 mins. With Dorothy away, Hazel goes all out to cheer up George. Rosie: Maudie Prickett. Thu, Oct 24, 30 mins. Hazel tries learning Italian, so she can translate recipes.

Martelli: Gregory Morton. Thu, Oct 31, 30 mins. Hazel’s goal: resolving a feud between a football team’s co-owners. Coach: Alan Hale. Johnson: John Archer. Dempsey: Willis Bouchey. Wheeler: Vinton Hayworth. Thu, Nov 7, 30 mins. George’s cousin drops in for a visitand stays Sharlene: Diane Ladd. Joe: David Whorf. Thu, Nov 14, 30 mins. George and Hazel help a lawyer and his pregnant wife. Merrick: James Stacy. Evans: Oliver McGowan. Maria: Mikki Jamison. Thu, Nov 21, 30 mins. Hazel persuades a famous painter to visit the orphan her club adopted.

Deirdre: Cathy Lewis. Fairchild: Douglas Dick. Harry: Robert T. Thu, Nov 28, 30 mins. Leif Erickson appears as George’s former high-school classmate. Gloria: Gloria Henry. Thu, Dec 5, 30 mins. Problem: finding sweaters for sheep before the temperature drops. Thu, Dec 12, 30 mins. George seeks a tactful way to fire the local milkman.

Claude: Sterling Holloway. Peggy: Queenie Leonard. Thu, Dec 19, 30 mins. Hazel is given five shares of stock in Griffin Industries.

Leslie: Charles Herbert. Thu, Dec 26, 30 mins. Hazel tries persuading football’s Frank Gifford to buy a bowling alley. Don DeFore, Whitney Blake. Brewster: William Zuckert. Thu, Jan 2, 30 mins. Egan: Maurice Manson. Thu, Jan 9, 30 mins. Hazel helps Elsie win an antique dealer Mario Siletti. Julia: Alice Frost.

Thu, Jan 16, 30 mins. Hazel visits a friend who’s keeping house for importantand suspiciousmen. Part 1 of two. Shirley Booth. Gracie: Linda Watkins. Bixby: Roland Winters. Freddie: Lou Krugman. Willie: Edgar Stehli. Thu, Jan 23, 30 mins. George investigates when the FBI inquires about Hazel. Willie Gant: Edgar Stehli. Thu, Jan 30, 30 mins. Hazel subs for Dorothy in a fashion show.

Jeffries: Florence Sundstrom. Thu, Feb 6, 30 mins. Hazel almost starves George after she bets he can lose 10 pounds. Thu, Feb 13, 30 mins. Dorothy is accused of doing a poor job. Miss Ramsey: Mabel Albertson. Osburn: Gretchen Hale. Thu, Feb 20, 30 mins. Hazel launches her annual campaign for a raise. Burgess: Francis DeSales. Monte: William Giorgio. Thu, Feb 27, 30 mins.

Hazel gets the royal treatment when it’s learned she may be a countess. Reginald: Lester Matthews. Butterworth: Russell Collins.

Thu, Mar 5, 30 mins. Leo G.


Hazel season 3 episode 28 free download


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