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Retrieved May 28, Windows 10 blog. Neowin LLC. Retrieved June 19, Retrieved October 30, Retrieved April 8, Retrieved January 12, December 30, August 19, Geoff Chappell, Software Analyst. August 10, July 27, Support 28 ed. October 17, It is a proprietary and user-friendly program that prevents changes without the necessary permissions. Microsoft claims it has no backdoors, ensuring that it is safe even if it is a closed-door application.

With this feature, users can work from almost anywhere. It allows virtual access to the files that you have on your computer, even without physical access to the latter.

If you are thinking of installing Windows 10 Pro, make sure that you meet the following minimum system requirements:.

Looking for compelling reasons to download Windows 10 Pro? Below are some of the benefits that are worth highlighting:. This feature adds a layer of security, minimizing the chances of unauthorized access to private files.

Aside from using a password, it requests another code through a call, text, or Microsoft Authenticator. Microsoft makes sure that using this program is as seamless as possible. User experience is top-notch. You can save time through the single log-in feature across multiple devices. Using Windows 10 Pro is not exclusive to computers. You can use it on compatible mobile devices and expect the same notable features. This means that there is no built-in feature for the following:.

You can still use such features, but you have to download separate apps. You can do this in Microsoft Store or any of its competitors. Below are some of the most useful features that you can enjoy with the Windows 10 Pro N, which are also available in Windows 10 Pro:.

One of the most important Windows productivity tools will let you use your mobile phone as a computer. It provides a continuous experience from PC to mobile. Windows 10 Pro N is not just for business. It is also good for gaming, and this feature is one of its highlights. It will allow you to record your best moves and show them off to your friends. This is one feature that will simplify the user experience while also ensuring security. It allows users to sign in on their account remotely, even without accessing their computer personally.

As we have earlier noted, the biggest difference between Windows 10 Pro N vs. Pro is that the former does not have multimedia capabilities.

Below are some of the specific features that are missing:. A media library and player, it is for playing audio and video and viewing pictures. Newer versions also allow ripping and copying music. It will allow you to store your favorite TV and movie shows in one account. They are accessible remotely on different devices. All that you need to do is to log in to your account. You will need to download the content from Microsoft Store. From lectures to interviews, this will allow recording that you can access through an audio file.

Aside from recording, it also allows editing of the files. You can also trim, rename, and share the recordings. This is one of the biggest apps that is not pre-installed in Windows 10 Pro N, but you can download it as an add-on. It is a personal and business communication tool for free calls and chats. If you have Windows 10 Pro N, you can download the missing multimedia apps. However, if you do not like the Microsoft programs, you can also consider different alternatives:.

This is the best version for most users. It is a version that targets education users, especially those with low-end devices. This version streamlines security and performance. It is built for large businesses, offering features like state-of-the-art security. You can enjoy easy deployment and exceptional security. It has almost the same features as the former option, except that Microsoft optimizes it for mobile use. Have recently built a couple of servers with Windows 10 pro and wanted to try Windows 10 pro N to see how it differs.

I have however discovered that a normal Windows 10 pro license doesn’t work with Windows 10 Pro N. Windows 10 now is the most popular operating system OS of Microsoft Windows. More and more users chose to update their OS to Windows 10 from previous version due to multiple reasons, like end of support. Windows 10 Pro seems to be the most popular one among the twelve editions provided by Microsoft.



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