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Bigfoot Free Download (v) PC game in a pre-installed direct link. trail an animal, set traps, explore locations, search for Bigfoots lair. A group of people disappears without a trace in the national park. The police blame wild animals, but you know for sure – Bigfoot has something to do with.

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There are 2 modes available: you can play against Bigfoot controlled by AI, or another player can play as the monster. Eyewitnesses often mention its enormous size, incredible strength, and elusiveness. For many years,…. For many years, researchers searched for him, but no one could provide evidence of his existence. You are a Bigfoot hunter with an important mission: to put an end to rumours once and for all and prove to yourself that Bigfoot is not just a myth or an invention of the mind… His existence is real, real enough to make your blood run cold.

Collect ammunition, study the terrain, and defend yourself from predators. You must use everything available to you to avoid becoming the bottom link of the food chain and to survive the wilderness of the American wildlife sanctuaries.

You have a unique opportunity to gather a team of friends or go on a solitary expedition to the forests of wild reserves and feel like a real hunter for Bigfoots. You have to hunt in different weather conditions, trail an animal, set traps, explore locations, search for Bigfoots lair, guard against other dangerous animals and much more.

But keep in mind! Bigfoots are very clever and reserved mystical creatures. Usually meeting with them does not bode well. Even an experienced hunter can become a victim… The game is developed on the game engine Unreal Engine 4. Single player. Online Co-op is up to 4 players. Gather a team of Bigfoot hunters among your friends or go alone. Arm yourself with the most modern equipment, your only chance to fight off Bigfoot.

Use the tools at hand and your own cunning to increase your chances of survival. Remember, there are other predators in dark forests. Engage in a fight with an ancient primate, but remember that sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted. Use modern gadgets, hunting traps and various weapons to lure and catch Bigfoot. But do not forget to hunt animals and get bait because the Bigfoot most of all love fresh meat.

Even the most courageous and experienced hunter can become a victim. The success or failure of the mission depends only on you. Explore new places, collect useful items, make camps. Every bullet counts on this dangerous hunt. Playing as Bigfoot People have begun to trespass too much; protect your territory from uninvited guests. Get food to become stronger. Use the skills of a predator and unique abilities to hunt people. Darkness is your friend, fear binds the hearts of your enemies.

Arrange ambushes and set traps; your victims will not be safe from you. Or just rip out the road sign and charge into battle! Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is the name of an alleged mammal resembling a great ape living in the forests of the North Pacific region of North America. It is usually described as a large hairy hominid walking on two legs.

The game has an awesome concept and running into Bigfoot for the first time really strikes a nerve. Glacier Bay is unplayable as there is a save bug that kills you when you reload the game but its BETA these things are inevitable! Ross lake is a ton of fun with friends and you will get your moneys worth even in BETA stages.

This game is a lot of fun to play with friends. After many hours talking strategy, dying, and finding hilarious bugs, we finally managed to catch the beast. Crysis 2 Maximum Edition. Creepy game with a great atmosphere. The only time you can partially relax is when your in your caravan, though even there Old Hairy can come and get you — but at least you feel relatively safe inside.

The camera will bleep when there is a living animal nearby, it may be bigfoot or it may be a bear or a wolf. This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Frequent Violence or Gore, General Mature Content. How to hunt Bigfoot? First of all, players can install cameras in the forest for tracking.

With meat traps, hunting is much easier. Players cannot collect meat from dead animals, but in the trailer, they can find a couple of pieces of meat and throw them into the trap.

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